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A Time To Heal


I have been going to Mireille, (Rae), for Aromatherapy & Reflexology for over ten years. Throughout this period I have always been delighted with the treatments and very impressed by Rae's extensive knowledge and experience in these fields. Her enthusiastic, flexible and considered approach ensures that her patients health and well being is maintained as a top priority.

I have been a client of Rae's for seven years now. She is quite simply the best. Her care, knowledge and consideration make every appointment special and a wonderful experience. I recommend her to my friends and family on a regular basis, without any hesitation. My shoulders are ever grateful for the fabulous work she does.

I first went for Reflexology about 9 years ago, when I was recovering from a bad bout of depression. I had hit rock bottom but decided to start living again, and this included making time for myself and believing that I deserved it. I'd never been for a treatment before and after the 1st session, I was hooked. I hadnt disclosed just how I was feeling at the time, except that I was stressed. I felt like I was walking on air afterwards, the benefits of just taking care of myself were a small step in the right direction.
Overtime, I grew more and more comfortable. It was easy to build trust with Rae, as she has never judged and is always supportive. After that it was never just a Reflexology session - she has listened, given friendly advice, as to how to improve my lifestyle, mixed Aromatherapy oils to match my mood and a thousand other things. Rae offers a truly holistic and therapeutic approach, its never just a 'massage', that you might receive somewhere else. One time I couldnt get an appointment right away and went elsewhere, NEVER again.

Rae is an excellent and highly knowledgeable therapist. I have known Rae and received treatments from her for around 10 years now and hope to continue with this for a long time to come. Rae is so multi-talented, she always has a treatment or remedy which is bound to make you feel better. She is so approachable and non-judgemental and is very easy to talk to, she creates and makes you feel that you are in a safe and calm environment. The perfect escape for hectic lives!
I have mainly received Aromatherapy, Hopi candle treatments and flower essence prescriptions from her, all of which I have found to be highly beneficial. Rae has relaxed me when I'm tense, cheered me up when I'm down, and helped enormously in helping me to restore my self confidence and self esteem, when its been completely destroyed. When I first had some Aromatherapy treatments, I had some serious body hang-ups and had found that massage sessions with Rae helped me to accept myself and learn to love my body, as well as how to take better care of it. You only get one!
Rae has helped me through some very difficult times in my life, such as the loss of family members and relationship breakups. I can highly recommend trying her Flower Essence Therapy, to help emotionally support you, whether you need a boast of confidence or to focus at work or studying.
Rae is a truly inspirational therapist, who will tailor make your treatment experience suit you, no matter how you are feeling and I can assure you, you will leave feeling 100% better than you did when you arrived.
I was inspired myself to train as a Aromatherapist, and it was one of the best things I've ever done. If I had'nt, I'm pretty confident, I wouldnt be where I am today, not bad for just going for a wee massage. If you want to give Aromatherapy a go, but are unsure or nervous about having a treatme
nt, which involves some undressing, then Rae is the person to go to, as she will naturally put you at ease and endevour to maintain your dignitiy at all times.
Give her a ring, she may change your life too.



WelcomeReflexology, AromatherapyPregnancy TreatmentsThai Foot MassageSinus Solace, Ear CandlingFacials & Natural Face Lift MassageFlower EssencesBioenergiser D-Tox SpaTestimonialsContact Me